King High School: A Short Story

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The cold, hard floor in front of locker 184, my locker, was my favorite spot as a freshman. I would rush right up the stairs after scanning my ID, searching the halls, asking everyone “Did you do the Biology homework?” This became a ritual for me: every morning I sat on that cold, hard floor frantically copying the answers to the homework down before the bell rang. Throughout the year, I continued this awful habit in the rest of my classes as well. I did not take freshman year serious at all. If only I had known the consequences that I would be facing in the future. When I entered King College Prep. freshman year, I felt like a whole new person: I was finally in high school! I had this mindset that I was too cool for school and no one could tell me otherwise. I became too comfortable with this mindset, letting it take control over my actions. As time progressed, I became lazier and lazier; not completing homework assignments, half doing classwork assignments, and failing to properly prepare for quizzes and test. By the time freshman year was over, I had finished with three A’s and 4 B’s and a 3.9 GPA. I thought that it was pretty good considering the fact that I did not take …show more content…
Their gpa’s were significantly higher than mine, and their grades were much better than mine as well as their class ranks. I then realized how big of a mistake I had made. My friends were at the top of our class while I was just barely makin it, but I only had myself to blame. After all of the slacking that I did freshman year, I was and still to this day, not able to receive all of the opportunities that my peers receive. This preventable situation that I put myself in had done tremendous damage to my self esteem. I started to believe that I was not smart and that I was academically inferior to everyone else. Ever since then, I vowed to myself that I would never get so low