King Tut Essay

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King tut pre test

Question one: when did Tutankhamen live?

Question two: which dynasty was he a part of?

Question three: why was he so famous?
Because he was the youngest king

Question four: what do you know about Tutankhamen?
He was eygyption

Question five: where did you get this information from?

Question six: how did Tutankhamen die?

Who was Tutankhamen? * Sometime time around 1333 BC, a young boy named Tutankhamen came to the throne of Egypt, he ruled Egypt for 9 years. * He inherited an Egypt that was returning to the orthodox worship of the state god Amun. This was after a period when the “heretic” pharaoh Akhenaten had changed the state religion to the worship of the aten –the disc of the sun. * Tutankhamen & his queen Ankhesenamun moved the court from akhenatens new capital akhentaten, to Memphis, the ancient administrative capital and the reestablished Thebes as the religious center of the country. * When Tutankhamen died suddenly around the age of 19 , he was buried with all the splendor of a pharaoh – except that the tomb in which he was buried , was hastily borrowed from another (his own being far from ready) * Tutankhamen may have remained a little known pharaoh of the 18th dynasty, if it were not for the discovery of his almost untouched tomb in 1922, which resulted in him being one of the best known personalities from ancient Egypt. * There is much debate and still little agreement among scholars about