Krispy Kreme Financial Analysis Essay

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Professor Agbatutu
BUSN 5600
Webster University

History In 1937 Vernon Rudolph bought a doughnut recipe from a New Orleans French chef and began selling Krispy Kreme doughnuts to local grocery stores in Winston Salem, N.C. People would pass by these stores smelling the delicious scent of Rudolph’s doughnuts and ask to buy hot doughnuts, so Rudolph cut a hole into the wall of his rented building and began selling the Original Krispy Kreme doughnuts to customers who walked by on the sidewalk (History, 2012). By the 1950s Rudolph and Krispy Kreme were doing well with a few family owned chain stores but the business was not consistent. The doughnuts were made from scratch which took up a lot of time and
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Blixt served as Executive Vice President and General Counsel of Reynolds American Inc from 2004-2006. His experience provided him a solid understanding of Krispy Kreme’s business, values and culture (Krispy Kreme, 2012). Lynn Crump-Caine served as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of OutsideIn Consulting, a consulting firm specializing in organizational performance and strategy development. Ms. Crump-Caine also served as Executive Vice President of Worldwide Operations of McDonald’s Corporation from 2001-2004. Her experience in the quick-serve industry from her time at McDonald’s allows her to bring much to the Krispy Kreme table (Krispy Kreme, 2012). C. Stephen Lynn has served as the Chairman of the Board of BBAC, LLC since 2009. Mr. Lynn brings leadership, franchising, strategic planning, and business development skills to the Krispy Kreme board through his experience in quick-service and casual dining restaurant settings (Krispy Kreme, 2012). Robert S. McCoy, Jr. is currently the Chairman of Krispy Kreme’s Audit Committee. Mr. McCoy retired as Vice Chairman of Wachovia Corporation in 2003 and his qualifications as an “audit committee financial expert” under SEC guidelines proves to be an invaluable asset to the company (Krispy Kreme, 2012). James Morgan has served more than 12 years on Krispy Kreme’s board having held positions as Chairman of the