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Kudler Fine Foods Product Offer
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October 2, 2012 Teacher
Kudler Fine Foods Product Offer The mission of Kudler Fine Foods is to serve the customers with different type of premium food, wine, and in a consumer friendly environment (University of Phoenix, 2012). Strategic policy of Kudler focuses on expansion of business and loyal customer base. This will be achieved through high-margin services. For these plans, France seems like a good option. This concise marketing plan will look at six factors; markets needs and growth opportunities, SWOT analysis, market competition, service offering, service identification, and justification for this specific service. Market Needs Kudler Fine Foods catering service and gourmet brand will serve customers in four different ways. The first one is to provide cutting –edge presentation with delicious gourmet meals. Consumers in the United States and France desire variety of food with exotic and usual flavors (Journo, 2012) and each will prefer a different type. Second need is the well-planned strategy that includes menu selection to course delivery timing. Dependable customer service comes next and the final point is to offer above optimum rates, which would match customers’ expectations. Market Growth One of the major aspects of a marketing plan for a business is to judge the market growth (Kotler & Keller, 2006). Our proposed market, France, is one of the most traveled to countries with the third highest level of tourism income. Even after adversely being effected by the global crisis in the past, France still manages to perform better than other European countries because of their ability to bounce back because the flexibility of consumer spending and the huge public sector had less risk to other countries in the down turn of global demand. Product Offering/Product Definition Offering fine wines and gourmet food lines in France is an exceptional idea. Kudler's expansion to France would build the brand image and product offering. Kudler's gourmet foods would be well received in France especially in Paris, France, one of the most toured cities. Paris, "the city of lights", is home of gourmet and the finest of brands ("France.com", 2012). Paris offers the best of gourmet experiences and Kudler is a company that offers the best gourmet and finest of foods, so launching product lines in France, especially Paris would create great opportunity for product offerings which offerings include creating long-term contracts with France businesses to supply those businesses with fine foods, creating price cuts and charging less for those long-term contract buyers who have regular purchases of Kudler's fine foods, and thru the long-term contracts Kudler Fine Foods can become part of the France experience by way of product being a service.
SWOT Analysis The SWOT analysis is design to look at key strengths and weaknesses within an organization, and defines the opportunities and threats facing Kudler Fine Foods in another country (Kotler & Keller, 2006). Strengths • The simple but elegant style of the edifice that attracts the specialty food connoisseur. • Provides the finest food and wines available from over the world. Weaknesses • So far the company has yet to experience a weakness. • Strengthen Internet base ordering. Opportunities • Internet base buying and shipping to regions needing the products offered. • Expedite faster service delivery to out of country consumers. • Delivery of products through catering services for special events. Threats • There are a few fine foods in the region of France that offers similar items. • Economic downturn.
Kudler Fine Foods is a specialty store expanding into the foreign market beginning with France (University of Phoenix Kudler…