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• On your own and without assistance, complete this Lab 1 Answer Form electronically and submit it via the Assignments Folder by the date listed on your Course Schedule (under Syllabus).
• To conduct your laboratory exercises, use the Laboratory Manual that is available in the WebTycho classroom (Reserved Reading or provided by your instructor) or at the eScience Labs Student Portal. Laboratory exercises on your CD may not be updated.
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Exercise 1: Data Interpretation
Table 1: Water Quality vs. Fish Population
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Dependent and independent variables: the dependent variable is her blood pressure. The independent variable would be Sally’s food intake and whether or not she exercises.
Control: the control could be her changes in eating habits or the amount of time she exercises.
Collect: To collect the data, she must write down the foods that she eats and the amount of exercises she performs. She must do this all the same to be able to determine if the data is accurate and precise.
Present: To present the data, a bar graph must be used to show the comparison between when she eats healthy foods and exercise regularly and for when she doesn’t eat healthy food and exercise.
Analyze: If the hypothesis is proven to be true, then it means that her blood pressure has something to do with her eating habits and lifestyle.

5. The Italian restaurant across the street closes at 9 pm but the one two blocks away closes at
10 pm.
Not testable because a hypothesis cannot be formed with this information.

6. For the past two days the clouds have come out at 3 pm and it has started raining at 3:15 pm.
Not testable because a hypothesis cannot be formed.

7. George did not sleep at all the night following the start of daylight savings.
Not testable because of insufficient information.
Exercise 3: Conversion
For each of the following, convert each value into the designated units. 1. 46,756,790 mg = 46 kg
2. 5.6 hours =