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Lab 2A:
My two behaviors I need to improve on are physical activity and nutritional choices. I choose physical activity because I am very active monday through thursday with football and workouts, but on the weekends i tend to live a sedentary lifestyle. I choose nutritional choices because I tend to eat whatever is near and easy through the week. I am an offensive lineman so I need to take in a lot of calories to maintain my weight. I am 6'4 290 pounds. So it can be hard to get all of the calories I need from eating clean and healthy food. I need to start making positive nutrition options to keep my weight and loose body fat.

Lab 2B:
Self-management skills results- Physical activity:35/Nutrition:18/Stress management:26
My physical activity scores are very high because I am a college athlete and have been an active athlete my entire life. I always find time to train and get in an exercise on a daily basis. MY nutrition score was very low because I tend to eat fast food and cheap food because I am on a budget. It is hard to be a student athlete and have time to make proper meals through out the day. especially when I am up at the hill for about 9 hours a day for school and football. I need to start pre-cooking my meals and bring them to school to eat. Not just go get fast food. My stress management is average because I tend to get stressed out a lot, but through physical activity I am able to release a lot of that stress and move on from situations. The reason my scores are