Lance Armstrong Essay

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Marshae Turner
January 30, 2013
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5th Hour
Lance Armstrong
First, he cheated. Doping is against all the rules in cycling.
Second, he lied. He eased his way through investigations, saying that he was the personification of athletics, and knocking him down would destroy the sport of cycling. Third, he used the fact that he survived cancer, so that people would be reluctant to put him down or throw salt at his name. Finally, he did it all for money, and succeeded in making many millions in the process.
Lance Armstrong should be stripped of all the cash and property he has, as it was earned by lies. I don't care if Lance is guilty of crimes under the laws. He violated the terms of contracts, accepted money and fame for admitting him cheating and he attacked people that were telling the truth. He is a bad role model, and no one to look up to. He has been given more than enough chances to come forward with the truth and only when faced with evidence and threats of all sponsors and endorsements he came forward with the truth.
Lance Armstrong is a liar, a cheat, a thief and a fraud. He should be imprisoned for fraud and be sued for slander for all of his crimes. An honorable man, who cared about the sport, his teammates and his own integrity, would not have lied. He treated his former friends and teammates with extreme cruelty. His behavior calls for nothing less than a lifetime ban form competition. I think people are having this strong reaction to