Language and Verbal Communication Essay

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Verbal communication is an exchange of information using words, including both the spoken and written word.verbal communication depends on language. Language is a prescribe way of using words so that people can share information effectively. Language includes a common definition of world and a method of arranging the words in certain order

Verbal communication , can be regarded as a way to speak and write words to exchange the information . Language which determine the quality of verbal communication , can be as a prescribe methods to organize the words cohesively.

A person”s use of written and spoken language form reveals aspects of their intellectual development, educational level, and geographical and ethnic origin.

personal language which would refelt the level of their intellection , education and ethnic origin .

For many people form culturally and linguistically different backgrounds, english may be their second language , and may differ considerably from their native tongue, so that their level of proficiency in english is not necessarily indicative of their overall level of education or intelligence. You need to take each of aspects into consideration when communicating with patients. The use of a healthcare interpreter may be required for CALD patients and their families to ensure effective communication. Language helps you to assess what a person knows and feels, so you need to develop your own language skills to assist in reciprocal repones in the communication process.
Verbal communication involve general speaking , public writing ,,and composing signs and posters .

Nonverbal comm

People who coming form different country, may be influenced by native culture and linguist ion deeply . the language barrier would be exist . Therefore , english is not the only touchstone to measure the level of education.. Healthcare interpreter would support these people to make sure the quality of communication . Language is vital approach to know the situation of patient whatever