Latin American Synthesis Essay

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Latin American Synthesis Latin America is a region of over 8 million square miles. There are over five hundred million people and many of the romance languages are spoken. The people of the region come to be as different as the region itself. Latin America is a very diversified region, but through modernity in Latin America all the countries have been interconnected by religion, language and economy.

First and foremost religion has shaped modernity, and has shaped the region. People were often converted to the Catholic religion by the Spanish and Portuguese. Catholicism was first spread by Columbus on his voyage to the Americas in 1492. Columbus managed to convert many people front their primal beliefs and import the religion that is Catholic. When Catholicism was spread religion managed to unite people in the region because of the shared religion throughout the twenty countries in Latin America. The majority of people are Catholic in the Latin American region, 70% of the 500 million plus people are. The Latin Rite makes up 98% catholic membership. Religion brings people together because of its offering of a place to worship for all, and religion provides a sense of community unique to all else. People who have a common set of beliefs have been proven to get along better and establish more long lasting relation ships than with other people that they have nothing in common with. In Inés of my Soul, Inés would go to pray at her church. The people there all belonged to the same religion that Inés did making them more likely to get along and be friends than the Indians who did not share her beliefs. Religion in Latin America, shaping during the period of time, modernity, united many citizens though its common set of beliefs, the community it builds, and how often religion is practiced and shared.

Furthermore, language in Latin America plays a very large and important role in interconnecting the diverse region. The language in Latin America is varied, but comes down to Latin roots and the romance languages. The main languages in the region are Spanish, Portuguese and French. Many words in the romance languages are spoken and spelled the same, or very closely related. The word "bad" is translated to "mal" in Spanish, Portuguese and French. Language provides the basis for communication. You speak, write, listen, communicate in your language. Using languages that are similar help unite the people of the region in a way that only language could. Barriers are broken by languages tat people share. If you can communicate flawlessly, or with few errors it is much easier, and you are much more likely to pursue the person if you can speak with them. Language breaks barriers, lets Latin AMericans communicate, and is based off of similar roots, interconnecting the region.

In the same light, the economies of Latin American countries are as diversified as the region itself, but allow or interconnectedness thought relationships economies thrive on. The currencies are what drive economies, and in Latin America they provide another way to remain united within the economy. Many countries use a peso as their currency. The peso is used in Mexico, Cuba, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay and more. The common use of a currency allows for easier market transactions through borders, and countries are more connected than ever. Not only does uniformity in the region depend on currency, but