Essay on Leaders in the Bible

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There is no shortage of leaders in the Old Testament. According to a leader is a person who influences a group of people towards the achievement of a goal. When you think of a leader you want someone with great leadership skills of course but you also want someone with character, someone who is not just in it to get there name out for all to hear, also they have to be loyal and honest. In my opinion there is no contest in the Old Testament and my leader would have to be Moses. Moses in my eyes is the greatest leader a group of people could ask for. Moses was born a Levite and he was also raised an Egyptian. Moses ran away to the desert where god communicated with him through “The Burning Bush” and Moses’ answer to god was “Here I am Lord” Moses taught me that to be a leader you don’t always have to be given the name of a leader. God asked Moses to lead his people, not because he was the only one that could but because god knew that Moses had determination and the ability. Moses could not speak clearly, but god granted Moses with all the tools and abilities he would need in life to serve his lord. My view would be that a lot of people want to be something that they are not and if they would just accept what god made them then they would be so successful in life. In our eyes today we feel like because we have flaws as a human being we can’t be leaders we are scared of other peoples judgments about us whether it be our appearance, name, or how popular we are in