Leadership And Critical Thinking

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Leadership and Critical Thinking Essay When considering a topic for this essay, I could not help but think of the time that Ashley High School won the Pleasure Island Seafood Chowder Cook-off. I was the general manager for Michaels’ Seafood Restaurant & Catering at Carolina Beach. For number of years we had employed interns from the culinary program at Ashley high school. That spring as the Seafood Chowder Cook-off was approaching, the students in the program wanted to participate in the cook off. I worked with the students in their classroom for four weeks leading up to the cook off. We discussed such things as preparation of their chowder, setting up their booth, getting permitted by the New Hanover County health department, and how to staff and operate their booth during the event. Each week we worked on a different topic. The week before the event I spoke with the students and about the importance of making a good impression for the school in the community. Never before had Ashley high school allowed a group of students to participate in a community event. The students had a chance to open the doors for future students in years to come. I explained to the students that all eyes would be on their booth. Their level of commitment and professionalism would be the key to their success. They had one major challenge to overcome, which was beating Michaels’ Seafood in the chowder cook off; we had been the chowder champions for previous five years. On the morning of the cook off, the students arrived early and very enthusiastic. I was very impressed with the team work and dedication they displayed. They set up their booth as required by the health department and earned their permit. They were then allowed to start to prepare their chowder and decorate their booth. You could feel the excitement in the air as the students work under pressure of the time restraint and under the eyes of the crowd that included judges, parents, and school officials. At 12 o'clock noon, when it was time to start giving out samples of their product, the students stayed busy and worked very hard for three straight hours. Everything that they had been practicing and preparing for during last month was finally coming together. At three o'clock that afternoon I learned that they had won the judge's choice, People's choice award was still up in the air. I pulled the students together and told them they probably were not going to win anything but if they did, some things to say, and people to thank when they got on stage. When it became time to announce the winners, the students gathered up in front of their booth arm and arm and holding hands, they look so