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Leader Case 4: The Six Steps of Leadership

1. Which one of the six steps mentioned means the most to you?

Of the six steps mentioned by G.J. Hart the one that meant most to me was the first one. This first step mentions that in order to be a good leader, that leader needs to first be the best that he/she can be. I felt this step to be the most important to me because people need to first learn to accept themselves before they can lead other people. There is the need to understand who you are, your good and bad flaws and be ok with that. Accepting yourself and who you are and being happy with that is what matters most; then you can be a good leader to other people.

2. Please link the step you have selected to one of the theories of leadership discussed in this week’s reading and assignments. Please describe how the step fits with the theory?

The first step mentions the need to know yourself and accept who you are before leading other people. I linked this to the Contingency era, which we discussed this week. The Contingency Era emerged in the early 1960’s and is still present today. This era mentions that leaders need to focus on understanding both the leader and the leadership situation. A good leader needs to understand who they are, their traits and qualities and then needs to understand what kind of situation they are on and act according to that. Just like the first step mentions that the leader needs to accept himself and know who he is