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Leadership essay

It all started freshmen year when Mr.Alvarez switched me from saxophone to the tuba. Switching to tuba has impacted my life greatly because it has made me the musician I am today. As soon as I blew into the tuba I made a sound, he said it was made me and so I switched over it has been the most rewarding experience in my life.

I self-taught myself to play the tuba in two weeks. Eventually I became good enough to play with the ensemble at school. To achieve this I practiced numerous hours of fundamentals, and literature that was given to me. I also find an instructor to provide me with lessons so I could be the best I could be. This is one of the instructors that has made the musician I am today by teaching me everything that it takes to play the tuba, he had inspired to become a better tuba player every step of way in this transition in my musical career.

Last year is when my hard work showed off, this was the year when I started to get serious and tried out for any honor bands or evaluations that I could possibly do. I achieved being able to be a part of two honor bands in our district I made third chair for all-county and second chair for bay winds these past two years. My growth as tuba player inspired me to be part of two ensembles for district solo & ensemble my sophomore year and junior year. I’ve accomplished a superior rating for both ensembles. In my senior year I hope to accomplish to play a grade 6 solo and