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General Statement:
A successful a leader is the brain of the company, and leadership plays a significant role in business area.
Scoping Statement:
Somebody clam that, professional skill is the all need to be successful leader and charisma is a key factors

Thesis Statement:
In my opinion, charisma is important and only have expertise is not enough. Participative or democratic style can affect employees

General Statement:
Use this to show the background

Scoping Statement:
Use this to restrict the discussion to the
2 or 3state the stance of the essay
Body Paragraph 1

Charisma is significant but it can not without the support of professional skills
Topic Sentence:
Charisma is very significant but a successful leader can not ignore professional knowledge
Supporting Evidence
Konosuke Matsushita

Body Paragraph 2

Just has professional knowledge is not enough
Topic Sentence: Although the the expertise is significant, it is not enough other factors also can affect the leadership, charisma is necessary.
Supporting Evidence
Communication skills

Body Paragraph 3

Share leadership is available skills to affect the employees
Topic Sentence:
Every team number can join into the leadership and it can company performance more efficient
Supporting Evidence
Compare with concentrate style leadership

To sum up, charisma is important to be a successful leader and adequate expertise is necessary. Moreover, share leadership is also can work to affect employees

In the business area, leadership plays a significant role. Someone may argue that charisma is the main factors of being a successful leader; however, others indicate that all a successful leader needs is professional knowledge. As far as I am concerned, for a successful leader to have only professional knowledge or expertise is not enough, charisma can not be ignored. Apart from that, participative or democratic leadership style can also make a successful leader.
Charisma is from Greek, which means “favor freely given ” or “gift of grace”.(Beekes, 2010). In organizations, which leaders are charisma who will benefit for the team work and company performance. For example, Konosuke Matsushita the founder of Panasonic, who only has 4 years education of primary school but he create a huge commercial empire and became the most revenue individual at that time. In 1918 he founded the brand Panasonic, he used 7 years that to research and developed the products with his employees and then he success, what is the reason?(Panasonic, 2014) Konosuke had strong will power which help him earned respect of his friends and subordinates as well as always be listener of others and hears their opinions. These factors made he stunning that employees want to follow and convinced him. However, only have have chrisma is not enough, if leaders do not have professional knowledge that will not be a real leader. Konosuke when he left to school to find a job, he didn’t have any skills that manager of the factory dose not willing to hire him. But he didn’t give up, next time he when to the factory with some professional knowledge, which the manager were moved by his persist. (Panasonic, 2014). Furthermore, with the experience and professional skills he found the his own factory. If Konosuke did not have the expertise, he would not have the power to control his factory and gain the respect of his followers towards made a huge success. Thus, the saying that the one of key factors of being a successful leader is charisma is definitely true but do not ignore the professional skills which is the