Leading The Way Case Study

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Read: White and Lippitt (LC); Blake and Mouton (LC); Leading the Way Case Study (eLearning)
Reading Response: Write a one-page essay in which you respond to the following prompt: What style of leadership (autocratic, democratic or laissez-faire) does John Ward’s (Lessons Learned Case Study) best exemplify? Which of the Managerial Grid Positions does John Ward best exemplify? Provide details from the case study to back up each of your claims.
In addition, complete the Leadership Styles Inventory (link on eLearning , Resources>Links). You are required to turn in a printed copy of the first page of your results in class Wednesday. You should also print or save a copy for your own records to help you when you write your self-reflection paper at the end of the semester.

Anelle Taulé

In the case Leading the Way, John Ward demonstrates an evident autocratic leadership style. This could be quite noticeable to all the employees sitting in the meeting. The way he arranged the chairs and his manner of using "I" or "one" instead of "we" or "our" as stated in the case, affirms his style of leadership. This style correlates with White and Lippitt's definition of an autocratic leadership according to the leader behaviors. "Techniques and activity steps dictated by the authority, one at a time, so that future steps are always uncertain to a large degree."

John Ward's presentation also exemplifies an ineffective method of introducing completely different changes to the company.