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Throughout my life, I have always had a clear vocation for architecture. Since I was a teenager, I was convinced that this was going to study. I used to enjoy drawing and making my own designs. Consequently, I decided to study high a civil constructions module in one of the last years of high school. In that module, I acquired knowledge in topography, structural design, drafting, interpretation of plans and field work, and also I discovered my passion for architecture. Some of these skills were crucial in later years to help my career development.

I really enjoy acquiring architectural knowledge through reading and also the observation and analyse of constructions. I like to think about how some buildings have been constructed, and also about how the environment affects humans, mobility, and ergonomics and how these supply the needs of everyday life.

I've spent ten years trying to study architecture, but for different personal circumstances I could not do it, but I firmly believe my skills and knowledge and learn what I covet. I have carefully read the contents offered by this university and I am convinced that it is full of my interests and adapts to my knowledge

Thanks to the experience gained in my job for 12 years, I learnt about kinds of materials and their behavior in the environment. In addition, I developed skills such as planning, projects, calculation, problem-solving, working deadlines and manage stress since I had to face real situations in different buildings that I have managed.

I have also learned other skills such as spatial location, creativity, order, working on my own initiative and interpretation of drawings. I've done some courses in design and modification of 2D and 3D AutoCAD drawings, foundations and drainage, plastering and painting and hydraulics.

Some of my main hobbies are playing football and skateboarding. I really enjoy playing football for the implementation of strategies and the challenge that this means. Another one is the great interest and excitement that makes me look great and ancient buildings. I had the opportunity to meet a large number of them since I lived in Barcelona (Spain) for over twelve years. I am also interested in how new technologies are applied to buildings and cities. In addition, I enjoy learning to use different software and online tools. Actually, I learned by myself to repair computers.

I worked for twelve years in the construction field, two of them as manager. Thanks to