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Throughout my report, I will be discussing four online sources that I used to research about the advantages and disadvantages of vaccines. I will describe how I learned from those specific websites and then evaluate all four of the websites using the Metzger (2007) checklist, I will then conclude my key learnings from online sources as a whole. My learning began straight from my online class, through my instructor. My instructor provided a clear expectation in terms of how she will be evaluating my work and provided models and discussion boards that gave me a better sense of the goal that I would be striving for in my assessment. Some websites were deliberately made to be misleading. It is important that we do our research and can compare the difference between a reliable and non-reliable source and how the websites can benefit us.

I chose WebMD as my first informative source because of various reasons. What intrigued me was the fact that the resource was a short length video which got straight to the point of the question that I have been asking myself, “Are there any links between vaccines and autism?” I utilized my constructivism skills and applied that by using the assimilation that I gained while watching the video. The video also stimulated my interest, because it involved text, images, sound, and motion. The information on WebMD is peer reviewed by various reputable physicians and medical professionals therefore information found on the site is reliable. The page also had a four out of five star rating and was reviewed by Melinda Ratini, a family practitioner.
She is a member of the WebMD medical review team and is responsible for making sure that the information on the website is accurate (Altmann 2014). In addition that, the website is a current to date accredited health source with full contact details provided in external links.

I chose this source as my second informative website because of the type of the text it provided. It answered the top questions that I wanted to learn about when it comes to vaccinations. It helped me learn easily about my topic because of how well structured the website is. The language used portrayed a rich and subtle meaning to me, which made my reading more enjoyable. I found the website to be a reliable source due to the fact that it is a nonprofit organization in which aims to provide the best health information out there. Furthermore, the hospital that it is named after is ranked to be on the top honor roll number one hospital worldwide. There are numerous links provided to back up their information as well, such as the
“Meet our medical editors” information in the “About this site” link. Also, there is a separate video made just discussing how and why “Mayo Clinic” is reputable. The video helped me learn by making me more enthusiastic and well aware of the authenticity of the information I was reading. The website is constantly being updated and it complies with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information. (Hon. Ch, 2014). All the contact details and questionnaire surveys are available as well.

This is my first chosen link for the Social Media aspect of my research. I decided to go with this social media because of the popularity of YOUTUBE and ABC Australia news channel amongst the world.
The video involved three people in the debate and had over 1,000 viewers. Watching the video motivated me to have a better understanding of the pros and cons to vaccinations from different point of views by both visual and verbal learning. It ignited my ability