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5 April, 2013
Learning Styles

1. What did you know about learning styles before coming to Ucc?
Before coming to Ucc I did not know much about learning styles. I feel that in high school teachers never told me about learning styles so I never put much mind into it. Now, I see that everyone has their own learning style, therefore I can use my knowledge about the different learning styles to help me benefit in my college experience. I will not only benefit by getting good grades in college, but I will learn things better than I did in high school because I understand how I can manage to better my studying by seeing, listening, and hands on approach instead of sitting reading a passage over and over and not fully comprehending it. 2. What events lead up to your knowledge of your learning style?
I believe that the events that might have lead up to me knowing my learning style had to be when I realized that I am not very good at understanding things that I read, but when I read them out loud I seem to understand better. I remember being in high school and my teacher assigning my class a book to read and I would go home and read a chapter and not understand much that went on in the chapter. I found it hard to picture the story in my head as I am reading to myself. Me and a couple of girlfriends realized we have the same problem and decided to read together after school. When we sat together and read out loud to each other I started to see that I could comprehend the story better and make a vivid picture in my mind of the occurrences that went on in the book. 3. When did you discover your learning style?
I can say that I’ve discovered my learning style during college and right after I read this passage. I’ve always knew that people have different ways of looking at things, or different ways of understanding things, but at the same time I’ve never paid much attention to different learning styles. Now I find it very interesting to see how different learning styles might help me better understand my college classes. Using and understanding the learning styles is something that I believe every school should teach at an early age to help people understand their school work better instead of them finding themselves stuck not understanding their class work simply because they don’t know how to learn and see things differently. 4. How