Leaving Care Statutory Visit Essay

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Case/Work Summary 3

Initials are used throughout to ensure confidentiality

Venue: Visited M.H at Home and M.R’s nursery

Service User: M.H (Care Leaver) and M.R (Who was Looked After Child but now he is Child Protection).

Purpose: Leaving care statutory visit and Chaired a Child In Need (CIN) meeting for M.R at his nursery

Value and Ethics: In relation to key role 3, unit 10 - Protect the right and promote the interests of service users and carers. In relation to this piece of work I am promoting M.H’s independence by discussing different options for his future and supporting him to represent his needs to manage his finances.

In relation to key role 3, unit 11 - To respect the right of confidentiality when attending decision making forums like case conferences and a CIN meeting. It is important to use the correct appropriate language throughout the meeting and to be honest.
To make sure a translator is present if the client or members of the family attending do not speak English. To make sure an advocate is present if necessary.

Description of work undertaken: On the Leaving care statutory visit, supported M.H in finding out what he has to pay towards is council tax and assisting him in setting up a plan to make payments monthly towards his council tax. * Supported M.H by calling the council tax office to ask why he had received a letter to start paying for council tax as he was receiving benefits and housing benefits. I passed the phone to M.H so the lady could speak to him about the changes that were made by the government from 1st April 2013. I asked her to explain how much council tax he would need to pay each month and on what date. * I talked about him setting up a direct debit for his council tax. I asked him to do this and if he had problems doing this I would discuss this with him on my next visit. * We talked about how to budget his money and I asked him to write down the calculation of how much he will be spending a week. * I asked him if he had received his freedom pass and he said no I asked him if he wanted support in finding out how long it would take, he said he would go to the office and ask them. * I asked him to calculate how much he gets every 2 weeks and divide this by 14 days so he can budget how much he can spend a day. * We discussed M.H attending a gym and he said he could not afford this. I said City of London would pay this if he was keen to attend would he be able to find out what local gym is near to him and let me know, he agreed. * We talked about courses he would like to do in September 2013 and he said he was visiting a college fair tomorrow morning as he had spoken to a careers advisor. * I noticed his fire alarm was broken and I said we would discuss this with his Estate Agent. * We talked about him looking at buying a bicycle as City of London would pay £100.00 toward this. * Discussed how it was important for him to attend church and how he enjoys attending Church.

* Chaired a Child In Need (CIN) meeting for M.R in a board room in the nursery. * I had previously shadowed my supervisor at a CIN meeting and prepared for this meeting by talking to my supervisor about the plan and points I was going to discuss. I read the previous minutes and reports on the case. * I introduced myself and asked everyone present in the meeting to introduce themselves. I gave everyone present a copy of the last minutes and went through this to confirm if all the points had been written down. * I went through each heading on the CIN meeting minutes. * I gave an opportunity for everyone to contribute by asking everyone individually to contribute and reviewed the plan. * At the end of the meeting I asked when all present could meet again in 6-8 weeks as the CIN meeting is held every 6-8 weeks. * Attended a child protection conference and contributed appropriately when asked by the chair.

Assessment of the