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You Work Skills for effective learning 1 Know the statutory responsibilities and rights of employees and employers within own area of work

List of the aspect of employment covered by law: 1:1 Minimum wage, hours of work, decimation, health and safety, holiday entitlement, Training and disciplinary procedures. Health and safety covers the work conditions. We also have RIDDOR 1995 act and there is many more laws.
Main features of current Employment Legislation:
1.2 Data Protection Act, Healthy and safety, working times regulations, standards and equality, contact of employment, holiday entitlements, training, employments rights, discrimination, and minimum wages.
Why legislation relating to employment exists:
1.3 To protects the rights of employers and employees.
Sources and types of information and advice available in relation to employment and responsibilities and rights.
1.4 Contract, Handbook, Policy Documents, Term and conditions, job description, citizens advice Bureau, Trade Union.

2 Understand agreed ways of working that protect own relationship with employer
Terms and Condition of own contract
2.1: Job description - defining the role, responsibility level etc.). Entitlement - rate of pay, holiday entitlement, retirement and ill-health benefits, bonus/overtime rates, uniform and/expenses. Responsibilities: working hours, dress code, reporting illness/absence, annual assessments, complaints procedures, notice periods for leaving/dismissal, requirements to change working hours. General: restricting the employee taking other part-time work, confidentiality clauses, using company equipment for private use (e.g. phones, computers,) general codes of behavior and adherence to, health & safety regulations, etc.
Compassionate Leave ,Probationary period ,Maternity-paternity leave, Appraisals, pension scheme, Training and development, Data protection .
Information Shown on my Pay Statement
2.2 Name of company, My name, Employee number, Salary, Tax Paid, NI Cont. IN, Date Paid, Tax period, Tax Code, NI number Payee Reference, Total pay, Total Deductions, Net pay, Year to date Gross pay, taxable pay, NI pay pen1, Hours worked ,FTE salary ,Hourly Rate.
Procedures to follow in the event of a grievance
2.3. Rise with your senior verbally. (Informal Discussion)
Stage 1 Grievance Statement (GR1) form written.
Grievance meeting (within 10 working days) Decide on appropriate action (ACAS)
Formal Procedure Stage 3 (Final Appeal)
Grievances should normally be as soon as possible normally within 20 working days.
After making a statement this should be follow with grievance meeting usually within 10working days.
If the employer is not happy with outcome they can appeal within 5 working days. Employ has a right to take another person with them if they choose e.g. union rep or another college.
Personal information that must be kept up to date with employer
2.4 Changed of marital status, change of address, change of bank details (if wages is paid into bank)
Change of next of kin, any illness that would affect your job role.
Agreed ways of working with employer
2.5 By following polices and procedures and be consistent of rules and regulations with relationship to my job role and responsibilities

3 Understand the career pathways available within own related sectors

How my Role as a support worker fits within the delivery service
3.1 I seek to build rapport or a good relationship with service users at the same time as offering practical assistance in fulfilling the goal of increased or sustained independence. I may also act as a bridge between professionals and service users, facilitating better communication. Tasks performed will depend on the type of help consideration and the wishes and needs of the person I support, and may range from personal care, healthcare, community participation, assistance in rehabilitation and advocacy.

The Effect of my role on service provision
3.2 By providing support to