Lebanon Travel Guide Essay examples

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How would you like to leave this horrible, cold, snowy Michigan weather, and go to a place with beaches all around, delicious Lebanese food, and places like historical ruins? Most people hate the cold, all the snowstorms, and the cold winter breeze. Although in Lebanon, it’s the opposite, which is why it is enjoyed by many who visit. My family and I have been to Lebanon many times, and every time it gets better. My family and I go to the beach every trip, and everywhere there are kids running around, splashing in the cool sparkly water, digging feet in the sand, girls and boys with their flip flops, and etc. I love swimming in the water. The water is cooling and it feels amazing just sitting in the water. If you are visiting Lebanon, and want a place to cool off, the beach is the best place to go.

Do you ever get hungry during the day? If you do, Lebanese food is the only way to go. There is Lebanese food all over Lebanon, and they have very delicious. If you`re walking down the street, you smell the sweet smell of pastries, the fresh smell of tasty, delicious, food coming out of the oven or off the stove. Lebanese food is delicious because of the spices used as the extra flavor to it. So, if you`re hungry, check out some restaurants.

The historical places are the best part of Lebanon. Many of these places were destroyed by bombs back in the days, but many still stand and even more beautiful now than ever because of their history. It is amazing seeing what