Legal Expligations Of Small Business In Victoria

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Operating a small business: Internet-based activities

These activities should help you gain an understanding of the legal obligations of small businesses in Victoria, namely laws relating to consumer protection, equal employment opportunity, occupational health and safety and environmental protection and the decisions that business owners and managers must make in order to ensure compliance with current laws in these areas.

Part A: Consumer Affairs Victoria, business licensing and consumer protection

Go to the Consumer Affairs Victoria website: and use the information provided to answer the following questions. 1 Complete the following paragraph using information from the ‘About us’ section.

We are Victoria’s consumer affairs regulator. Our purpose is to help Victorians be responsible and informed businesses and consumers.
To do this we:
• Review and advise the state government on consumer legislation and industry codes.
• advise and educate consumers, tenant, traders and businesses on their rights, responsibilities, and changes to the law
• Register and licence businesses and occupations
• conciliate disputes between consumers and traders, and tenants and landlords
• Enforce and ensure compliance with consumer laws.

2 Look for the appropriate section on the website to find the types of businesses that must be licensed by Consumer Affairs Victoria before they can operate in Victoria. List these business types.

|Conveyances |Debt Collectors |
|Estate agents |Introduction agents |
|Motor Car traders |Travel agents |
|Sex work service providers | |
| | |

3a.What is a business name?
|A name of a registered business that someone has paid for to be registered. |
| |
| |
| |

b. Where must a business name be registered in Victoria?
|At consumer affairs Victoria. |
| |
| |

4 What do the letters ABN stand for? Where can a small business owner apply for an ABN? (HInt: Look under ‘What is a business name?’)
| |
| |

5 Indicate whether each of the following statements is true or false by circling T or F. To locate the relevant information, use