Verizon Communications, Inc. Case Analysis Essay

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Verizon Communications, Inc. has many strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as an organization. This case analysis will highlight the top three for each category and provide a rational for each factor. The SWOT analysis will serve as a tool for identifying alternative strategies for the organization and help define a 3-year growth plan. Various matrices, including a SWOT analysis and a Financial Ratios Analysis, will also support specific strategies and long-term objectives. Other relevant, recent activities and supporting research will also be supporting the strategies defined in the case analysis.
Verizon Communications, Inc. is one of the largest providers of broadband and wireless communications in the United States
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They are also not a strong provider of similar capabilities as SBC, such as cable and Internet provider services.
These strengths and weaknesses have created the opportunity to potentially expand to the Canadian market to grow revenue and market share. The lack of services with cable and Internet does not necessarily mean they lack the capability to offer them. In order to stay competitive with the giant SBC Communications, it is important that Verizion expand their service line into the cable and Internet services. This will allow Verizon to bundle their services so that customers can get all their communication needs by one company. Bundling of services provides convenience to the customer and streamlines the carrier to customer relationship. For example, customers would not only get a valued price for having all their communication services with one carrier, they also would only get one bill, make one payment, call on one carrier for technical support or questions.
The bundling of services also Verizon to continue providing innovative services to their customer when they are integrated with one carrier. For example, Verizon could provide Internet services that are integrated with wireless services. The capability to receive and respond to emails through your wireless connectivity would be a benefit and a selling point for