Legalist Code and Sharia Law Essay

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Yr 9 Term 1 Reflection - Oliver Banks

What have you learned about Indigenous Experiences through your study of Deadly, Unna? and Bran Nue Dae?

I have learnt that friendship leads to understanding which breaks down racial barriers. I have also learnt that indigenous Australians often face discrimination for no real reason. I have learnt that when the whites and aboriginals see each other they often stay separate due to their differences. I learnt that in a small country town, if racism exists, it may not even be realized by the people in the community, therefore causing racism to thrive and survive.

Which text did you enjoy the most and why?

I enjoyed Deadly Unna? Better as we had an in-depth look into what and how racism is explored and portrayed in the book. I also gained knowledge on how and why racism occurs, primarily due to prejudice and one of the best way to eliminate racism is through friendship, which leads to understanding and ends with racial barriers being broken down.

What have you learned about feature articles that you didn’t know before?

I have learnt the structure of a feature article, How to compose a headline, nub, introductory paragraph, hook/by-line, caption and conclusion. I have also learnt that a feature article is a mix of fact and opinion such as examples, references to experts, examples, statistics, colloquial language, emotive language, rhetorical questions repots, poetic language and quotes. A feature article also uses formal and informal language and the article explores an issue.


Positives: Drafting, good points, good beginning and easy to read
Negatives: Layout, structure, spelling, loose control, maintain text type and sentence structure

Wide Reading

Write a paragraph about your wide reading book.

The Hunger Games is written by