Legality of Prostitution Essay

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The Legality of Prostitution
By: Arshia Davari It started in the early 1800’s. It is defined as the practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activities with someone for a payment; Sex for money. It is labeled as Prostitution and it should be cleaned off our streets. Many argue that it is for the pleasure of the wealthy, but is it really worth risking the chance of getting a disease with no cure known as Aids? That’s an extreme case, however, prostitutions cons outweigh the pros by a major scale. Toronto is one of the best cities in the world and prostitution will change that. Legalizing prostitution promotes pimps and the sex industry, makes women a commodity, and goes against women’s will. Due to these reasons, prostitution should be illegal in Canada.

Legalization of prostitution promotes pimps and the sex industry. For many years the legal system has been trying to get street thugs and pimps off the street, however, by upgrading their position on the street gives them a way of mass income, making the situation only worse. One way to upgrade their position would be to legalize prostitution. A pimp is one who sells women for sex to other males, taking a percentage of the money. Making prostitution legal will expand and increase the number of pimps. It will also make them classified as businessmen. A businessman can be one who takes a product and sells it for more. In this case, the pimp will be the businessman and the prostitute (the women) will be the products making the people that pay for it legitimate consumers of sex. One can argue that legalizing prostitution will professionalize the women and dignify their work, however, it would only degrade the women and dignify sex as a whole. McDonalds is a good example; the people working at McDonalds are still considered to have a low-class job, however, McDonalds is an extremely successful and well-named franchise. Legalized prostitution will also be a reason for students to drop out of school. In today’s world, the best way to make money is to make it fast and to make it big, similar to drug trafficking, prostitution would be another way to do this. Being a prostitute requires no degree and zero education, making education useless to those who are indolent. Prostitution is also a type of trafficking for profit therefore legalizing it will be the same as legalizing drugs, and weapon trafficking. In the human trafficking case in Ottawa where only girls were apart of, not only illegal prostitution was involved but also drugs and sex assault was included. In this case, a 17-year-old girl was accused of forcing other Ottawa teens into prostitution including two 15-year-old females. To force them into it, the 17 year old utilized drugs and violence. This shows that human trafficking would also lead to various different crimes.

In today’s world women in Canada have been treated with respect, hence the reason why they name Canada a “women’s country”. Legalizing prostitution will make women to be treated like a commodity. Women will be treated as “sex toys” for the males. The respect women have will be chipped away as new generations grow into the world with prostitution and see women as only sex objects. As all prostitutes want to earn the most money, the competition with other prostitutes would force them to engage in wild sexual activities that they may have no interest in. for the prostitutes it would be nothing but a way of making money, but for the people it would be nothing but fun. The age of humans having sexual intercourse would go lower and lower, as access to it would be much easier. Legalizing prostitution would make prostitution okay; almost every religion goes against this. Most religions including Christianity and Islam state that one should not have sex before marriage. Prostitution will question peoples understanding what’s right and what’s wrong, which is defined under religion. Legalizing prostitution would be disrespectful and would attack almost