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‘The Double Bind’, as discussed by Margaret Radin, is essentially a situation in a non-ideal world where, between two choices, there is no obviously correct course of action. There is no obviously correct course of action because either may be harmful due to the structure of society.
The situation Radin primarily focuses on is the commodification or noncommodification of sexuality and reproduction. Radin essentially says that commodification of sexuality and reproduction results in women being just another product that can be swapped in interchangeably for one another. Noncommodification results in women being dominated, because they are not really in charge of their bodies. She claims that oppression is the result of this double bind.
An example of this double bind is the legality of prostitution. If women, for example, are legally allowed to sell their bodies they are bound to be treated as ‘fungible’ commodities, which essentially results in their dehumanization. On the other hand, the prohibition of prostitution by society results in the domination of women. Instances of free choice and the ability to obtain revenue are eliminated in the instance of the prohibition of prostitution.
Radin states that ideally, a reordering of society is needed in order to eliminate the existence of the double bind. ‘Dissolving’ the double bind means removing the oppressive circumstances. But because we do not live in an ideal world, we do not have ideal justice. Radin then suggests that