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Marijuana – Legalize it
What would you give up to hide the choices of others from society? It costs our government $9099 to provide Medicare to one person per year. Our aging relatives benefit from this program by paying less for healthcare. It costs 7.2 billion for Maritime to secure 9200 submarines and 7200 port vessels. As a result, we are safer. It costs 8.7 billion per year to enforce marijuana laws. We have nothing to show for it except a 50% increase in marijuana usage, and an illegal drug industry capitalizing on the growing demand. The marijuana plant should be legalized, regulated, and taxed like any other herbal medication. The government should have no power to deem any plant or herb illegal.
Like any controlled substance, marijuana can be used wisely or abused. It has been used worldwide for thousands of years as a medicine. It was used as early as 7000 BC in textiles. According to the US National Commission of Marijuana and Drug Use, Ancient Greece used it as a popular remedy for earache, edema, gout, and inflammation. Ancient Rome used it in anesthesia, and for treating migraines. In Chinese medicine, it was used to treat vomiting and hemorrhaging. In 1850, the US was selling marijuana over the counter for health ailments. Today people use it to ease pain, inflammation, and to naturally cure cancer. In spite of its usefulness, it is illegal without measurable reason or benefit. This goes against logic, and our divine right to all plants.
In Genesis 1:29, God says all plants are for man. It states, “And God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit...” Again, in Genesis 9:3, it reiterates that all plants are for us. It says, “… And as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything.” Just as we are given air to breath and water to drink, we are given the plants for a reason. I understand some people feel if anyone abuses something, it must be banned. However, God promotes moral agency. One man’s unwise choice to abuse shouldn’t revoke the divine right of all men to plants. It goes against God’s will, therefore, it will yield bad fruit. When we go against God’s will, we fight an uphill battle.
One of the indications of our uphill battle is the loss of time and resources. Our police split their time and resources between apprehending citizens who possess cannabis, and apprehending violent offenders, such as murderers, rapist, or burglars. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, drug arrests account for the majority of arrests in the United States. Marijuana possession is the most popular drug arrest by three times. Since marijuana usage continues to grow each year, our police will continue to have less time to protect us from violent crime.
Illegal Marijuana promotes crime, and