Beauty Is Not Just Smaller Than Society

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Beauty is not just smaller than life In his argument Leonard Pitt tells us how the standrads of the beauty are changed.He tells us that in earlier era sex symbols had bodies with curves, but now the sex symbols are with very skinny. They have sticky legs like a spaghetti, sunken cheeks and a chest that you can even count the bones.This is very bad example for young girls and women. Looking on this they are trying to lose weight and to look like celebrities.The example, which is giving Leonard Pitt in his argument about Kate Winslet is a great example.By this he wants to show that not all the people who are famous are thinking that to be beautiful means to be skinny.Reading his argument I found that I am totally agree with Pitt. First of all, as Leonard Pitt says, I am thinking that media has its big expression on this problem.They are trying to influence on us by advertisements. By TV you can see many advertisements where they are offering special food,pills and dietological services which can help us to lose weight and be very skinny and sexy which is not truth.First time you can lose weight ,but after the results will be fatal. You will lose weight and at the same time you will lose your health. Many young girls and boys are getting sick of thinking about weight. They are getting phsyicologically sick which brings them to anorexia and bulemia,which ones are real tragedy. The other reason that makes me to be agree with Leonard Pitt is his opinion about pop culture,a function that is to make us dissatisfied with what we are and to make us to buy what is selling. This is truth. Many of famous people are advertising cloths. Wearing that cloths we are thinking that they are not good on us ,we are fat and we have to lose weight, but we never think that may be the shape of the cloth is wrong and the problem is with it but not with us. Going to shopping I have noticed that