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Amanda Rohde
01.09 Discussion Questions

Module 1 Discussion Question Answers:
1. The different parenting styles are authoritarian, permissive, and democratic. An authoritarian does not allow their child to argue with their rules or demands. They are inflexible and don’t allow exceptions. Permissive parents don’t have a set of rules, and allow their child to make their own decisions. Democratic parents have rules, but are willing to meet their children half way and compensate to please both them and their children while still being a responsible parent. I think the democratic style is the best parenting style because it allows the children to have some freedoms and enables them to make some appropriate decisions for themselves. It allows the parents to monitor and control their kids while letting their children have some freedoms and still experience life.

2.What makes a person ready for parenthood is the want for a child and being prepared to adjust their lifestyle and dedicate their time to their kids. One should consider entering parenthood when they have a realistic, good plan on how they are going to care for their child and making sure they are financially and emotionally stable to handle being a parent. You should postpone parenthood if you and your partner are unsure if you want to stay together, if you are still in school, or if your career is at a peak and you want to keep working just as much or more than you already are. I don’t think parenting is