Let me Marry the one i Love! Essay

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"Marriage is a human right!"

Others might ask why gay marriage should be legalized, but the question is this: why should other people be able to choose who marries who? If a man and a woman get married, no one seems to care. They are two people who feel affection for one another and those two people want to start a family. If we change the scenario a little bit and a man and a man, or a woman and a woman, try to get married it causes uproar. They are not allowed to be married or raise a family together.
America is the land of the free, but we are not free to marry whomever we would like. After everything straight people have put homosexual people through, in this scenario, homosexual people would most likely vote for their rights because they would want their rights to be voted for.
To all religious people who say same sex marriage is a sin, God loves all his children! "If you preach hate at the service, those words aren't anointed, that holy water that you soak in has been poisoned."(Same Love by Macklemore). So basically in other words if you preach hate then you're not truly sharing Gods word because, like mentioned earlier, God loves all of his children, no matter what their sin(s). Why is the Church so adamantly opposed to "gay marriages" and civil unions? Doesn't the Church's stance discriminate against homosexuals? What harm is done if homosexual activity is between consenting adults? How does it affect my marriage and family? Why does the Church care if in