Case Study Of Governor Jerry Brown

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8281 Walker Street
La Palma, CA 90623 October 30, 2014 Governor Jerry Brown
℅ State Capitol
Suite 1173
Sacramento, CA 95814 Dear Governor Brown, I want to draw your attention towards the increasing child crimes happening in our state now a days. I got a question in my mind that how a little child can do crimes? whats the reason for it? then i referred to several articles and i came to know that people think that parents are responsible for such things happening. And also some people think that only children are responsible for such crimes and parents should not be blamed for such reasons.

As i referred articles and also my article 1 was about the “slender man’s stabbing”, it was about a girl who got hurt very badly by a guy for some reasons but she was not killed. People think that was her fault so she had to pay back for something. But i think that it was also responsibility of her parents too they should keep a check on that girl’s activities so that she doesn't get in any trouble. And also i heard about that the law of parental responsibility is being repealed. So i want to share my opinion about it and also want to suggest you that you please go through all the problems and take necessary steps. My opinion is that this law should not be repealed, I have arguments to support my topic. I think that parents should be held responsible for the things that their children do because “parents are the first teachers of their kids”. So they teach good values and the right stuff to them. So they are only one responsible for the any misconduct happening by their child. In 2nd article by “David Goguen”, tells us about the “California Civil
Code section 1714.1”, in which its stated that if any child commits any crime even if it is a minor crime they have to pay a penalty of $25000 and it also increases with how much he damaged or did. A good parent always keeps a check on his/her