Letter To America Rhetorical Analysis

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On September 11, 2001, planes hijacked by terrorists affiliated with Al-Qaeda, an organisation headed by Osama bin Laden, crashed into the shining pillars of America. These attacks have killed thousands. Lives were torn apart by the snares. Not 25 years later, Americans on TikTok are praising his ‘Letter to America’ which is filled with violent hate speech against America and Israel. This “trend” started after the October 7th Hamas incursion into Israel where terrorists went on a rampage, raping women and killing indiscriminately and the subsequent IDF campaign in Gaza. It’s not enough for antisemitic attacks to be up 360% in the U.S. No, we have to actively praise a terrorist’s rhetoric for the genocide of millions of Jews and, funnily enough, Americans! Let me ask you a question, how self-hating do you have to be to …show more content…
“If there is a mountain of evidence against the Free Palestine movement, how come pro-Palestine agendas have taken over the mainstream media and government belief systems? To which I say fair point but unfortunately say: While Israel is annihilating Hamas in the real war, Hamas has the upper hand in the information war and soon after October 7th, Israel lost this supposed information war. How do I get started? In the world, there are about 14.3 million Palestinians, but around 15 million Jews. However, there are a staggering 1.8 billion Muslims in the world, but as I mentioned above, ordinary white Americans with no connection are supporting the #freepalestine movement. Along with the fact that in this day and age where it is easier than ever to make your voice heard, it is reasonable to see that the millions of #freepalestine videos that vastly outnumber the #standwithisrael videos will take hold in people’s minds. Even though facts and logic are used in most of the Israeli videos, contrasted with the banshee screaming and illegal actions in the protests of the Palestinian videos, the sheer numbers