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I believe that my book tears of a tiger should be produced into a movie because; it is a bestselling book, and sends a positive message to teens. The story line is based on the death of Andy’s friend Rob he had died in a tragic car accident while they were drinking, and driving. Why I believe it’s a positive message to teens it is because that helps them realize how sever drinking and driving really is and the consequences to it. I also feel that it shows that suicide is never the answer, since Andy had committed suicide, because of the guilt he felt towards the death of his friend. I believe that if the book is made into a movie the filming location should be a high school, for the reason that it mostly takes place there, and also on a high way where the accident can take place. I also feel that the actors to play these roles should be quality actors I don’t really mind which actors are used in the production but I want them to be able to really play the roles right. In conclusion, I strongly believe that my book will give a message to teens and young adults that they should be more cautious on the road and that everything will get better soon they shouldn’t commit suicide because of guilt. It is also because if they do then they will be dearly missed by friends and family. This is why I think my book will be good enough to be made into a movie. b aspects. Both of these civilizations had a political system. They both had a head ruler or a king, and what the Egyptians would call it, a pharaoh. Both of the civilizations’ rulers believed that ruling had some connection to their gods. Even thought they both thought the same their beliefs were different. The