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2Unit 6: Paediatric emergency first aid
1.1-Identify the responsibilities of a paediatric first aider
The responsibilities of a paediatric first aider are to preserve life, limit the effects of the condition- especially in blood loss and to aid prompt recovery.
Role of the first aider * Adequate first aid equipment- first aid box is up to date * Administer first aid when necessary * Report the incident- either to the manager or 999 depending on seriousness * Review situation to make sure treatment is correct * Review to make sure your treatment is working * First aid needs to be prompt, effective and safe to both the casualty and first aider
1.2-Describe how to minimise the risk of infection to self and
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Venus blood loss
Blood from veins having given up is oxygen into the body’s tissues is dark red. It is under less pressure than arterial blood but the vein walls can widen greatly and the blood can pool inside them. If a major vein was damaged blood may gush from it profusely.
Capillary bleeding
Bleeding from the capillaries occurs with any wound. At first, the bleeding might be brisk but blood loss is usually slight. A blow may rupture the capillaries under the skin causing bleeding into the surrounding tissue (bruising.)
Severe bleeding
If the bleeding is severe it can be quite dramatic and distressing. The casualty is likely to develop shock and may lose consciousness. If bleeding is not controlled the heart can stop.
6.4-Describe how to administer first aid for minor injuries
For minor injuries such as a cut on the knee if a child has fallen is normally something a member of staff can deal with. They normally do this by firstly washing their hands and then by using a pair of disposable gloves, get a clean wipe and wipe the affected area to remove any dirt. Then you should dispose of the gloves and used wipe which will contain bodily fluid substances, and then wash your hands effectively after. You should always reassure a child or infant after they have sustained an injury to help calm them down. You should fill out an accident form with any type of injury a child may