Life and Survival Kit Essay

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The world is over! Take your heavy carcass off the chair and look outside. Out there be zombies. It is currently a zombie apocalypse. How would you survive? Stock up on supplies, go on a zombie slaying rampage, let them eat you or isolate yourself in the most extreme conditions. Either way, most of the population of living organisms in the world would probably not survive.

At the first mention of humanoid undead, a zombie would probably be the first thing that pops into any sane person's mind. Originally, zombies were just animated human corpses, something like a morbid puppet, but with mind-altering drugs instead of physical strings. Now in pop-culture, the zombie has been defined as or is defined as a cannibalistic carrier of a disease that induces zombification.(Very textbook answer that).

A like any real and/or unreal emergencies, an emergency kit would be really helpful in the case of an emergency. Water in its abundance and preferably in a purified form ought to be first on the list of survival. All living things need water to survive, and a survival kit would never become a survival kit unless it had water or purification tablets to go along with it. First aid, food, and tools come after the most important thing in a survival kit. Water. Stocking up on supplies at home is much more logical than going to the market everyday against hordes of zombies, just to get to your daily bread. One, there wouldn't be bread, and two, you most probably would be dead. (ooh a rhyme~) Another way of surviving the zombie apocalypse is to destroy the cause before it becomes a big issue. Eliminating a reanimated corpse would hypothetically be easy enough. A zombie has no heartbeat, no electronic signal via nerve cells except from what's left of the brain to limited motor functions. You could slice the veins of the zombies, but that would be as helpful to the zombie and the prey that's within arm's reach. One could decapitate or blow the brains out. That also kills off any other living thing. Burning would work, but there are two sides to that. A valiant member of the survivor team would go out into town and blow something up in the midst of a zombie horde. Something might catch on fire, something like a reanimated corpse. That something might cause others of the same