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Topic: Like Father Like Son
Abstract: My father and mother both fell in love and dropped out of school at a young age. My father was the steady income of our family and did what he had to do to take care of us. Growing up my father always put me to work and made me join sports and compete. When he put me to work I hated it and when I would not finish a task he’d get angry and make me . My father taught me about good social and communication skills. From succeeding in building his own roofing and home building companies he has taught me to be the man I am today.
Keywords: life lessons, real world, education, procrastination, roofing company, productivity, hard-nosed, perseverance, time-management

The biggest influence on my life by far is definitely from my father. He has always instilled confidence in me and pushed me to do better. He taught me valuable life lessons as a kid, and at the time I didn’t realize or appreciate them, but now I do.
My parents were the type to fall in love, and drop out of school. Both of them dropped out at the age of 17, and had me. They entered the real world at a young age, both lacking an education, but both always kept a job. My father was the real provider for the family as he always had steady income. Luckily they had good family support and lived with family so I was always taken care of as well.
From a very young age my father always made me do physical activities and work. He would wrestle with me from a young age which I learned to like as it taught me to be tough from a young age. I was always put in some type of sport to play and compete. These types of things I liked and enjoyed and appreciated doing, but when it came to work, I hated it. He always had me doing some type of little job. One of the first ones I remember was keeping our front porch stacked with wood. We had a separate garage about 50 yards from our front porch, close to the train tracks. As a little kid id tend to rather play video games or watch TV when I got home from school , and would procrastinate on the wood I would have to stack every day. When my father would get home from work, he would get angry at me for not doing my part of getting the wood, and would make me immediately go do my duty. By this time, it was dark and cold, and I was a major wussy when it came to the dark. The wood was stacked in a long narrow room on the side of the garage closest to the train tracks. As a little one this setting scared me to death. I always pleaded my father to not make me do it, but he wanted to teach me the valuable lesson of procrastination. Thinking as a kid, I rebelled and thought he was evil from making me do something that scared me at such a young age. No matter how much I fussed, he always made me stack a certain amount by myself with no help.
My father grew up always working in a physical job. He started working at a mill when I was raised young. He later started roofing with a company, and soon started his own roofing company. Being in that industry led him to thinking he could make more money building the homes. He then started a company building homes. Meanwhile I grew up working with him starting at a young teenage at his roofing business. Even though he was boss of the company, he still was hands on. He thought he was one of the fastest shingle layers in the land. I couldn’t argue, the man was fast, and my job was a feeder to keep him fed with shingles. Sometimes he was too fast for me, and my father isn’t a patient man. He would yell at me to keep up, and demand I stay ahead of him. It would irritate me from a young age, but it was for the better in the future I just still