Limited Company and Tesco Essay

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Task 1


In my article I will be talking about Tesco and the NSPCC.

There are many different aims for a company like Tesco but its main aim is to make a profit, the business need to make sure that its sales is more than it running cost, running cost is the day by day that incur for a business. Tesco is company that sells food but also provides clothes, insurance, toys and toiletries to the public but then again also provides a service. Because of this it is in the tertiary sector. Tesco is also known as a public limited company (PLC) in the private sector which means that it is a limited company so that is shares can be sold on the stock market to the public. The advantage of it being a PLC is that because of it being on the stock market the company ill obtain finance easier another advantage is that suppliers can offer more credit but, it does have it drawbacks it can be very costly to set up as there are many different cost involved such as admin and legal cost, also they are under a lot more pressure to publish information about the performance. Because of Tesco being a PLC its is therefore has unlimited liability however because if it shareholder they have limited liability.

There main aim for a company like the NSPCC is service provision but also to break even which mean they do not make a profit, but also do not make a loss, they are not concerned about making a profit as they area charitable run orgainisation, which focuses on area where it can make a huge difference.


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The purpose of this article is

Define: Stakeholder
A stakeholder is a person or organistaion that interests and concerns a business; they can affect the actions, objectives or polices


These are