Lincoln Hospital: Third Party Intervention

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Lincoln Hospital: Third-Party Intervention
I think the intervention used was the most appropriate. This is because the biggest problem in the hospital crisis lay with Mary and Don and nobody in the hospital was removed enough to intermediate. The problem was not with just their past but also ways in which they can work together in future and the intervention was able to teach them better ways of communicating and compromising while acknowledging that their choices affect each other. Another intervention that would work is team building. This is because it would strengthen the team and give them an opportunity to settle their differences as well as build each other up towards a common goal.
Dysfunctional conflicts are those which cause negatively affects job performance, work relations and psychological status of those affected. Functional conflicts are those that yield positive creativity and performance. Don and Mary had a dysfunctional conflict before intervention because their work was hindered as seen by cancellation of procedures and nurses leaving hospital, they were hostile to each other and the conflict seemed to bring out the worst in them. During intervention when sharing their dissatisfaction with each other they had a functional conflict. This is because they were conflicted in their views, intentions and opinion of each other. However, from that knowledge came opportunity to self analyze, work on ways to change and compromise.
The strategy used from the episodic model of conflict is the one that seeks to solve the underlying issues