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My core values: To provide the foundation of my personal leadership model is based first on a servant leadership model. This involves Honesty as in being truthful to a fault, and being sincere in giving praise as well as rebuke with empathy. Next is having sincere compassion, as servant leader leading by example, genuinely caring about others and creating a caring environment in the workplace. For instance, on an Individual Perspective this would involve giving co-workers time off in event of a death in the family or serious illness. Compassion on an Interpersonal Perspective would involve taking a collection from co-workers for a grieving family. An a Organizational Perspective, I plan to create a mission statement that outlines company accepted norms to help employees perceive what is expected of them as a group to interact with one another in a compassionate and caring manner. As a servant leader this would involve listening to employees, subordinates, customers and shareholders. Encouraging a corporate culture of trust to speak up when things don’t seem right, and display an ‘open door’ policy to encourage employees to know they can approach me when needed.
As a Social Perspective compassion and honesty go together. In a world of blogging, Facebook, Twitter, of internet, there is very little hid that shall not be revealed. As a servant leader I plan to live my core beliefs in the workplace as well as society, school and at home by getting involved in helping local charities, homeless shelter, or woman’s crises center to name a few.

The last three values I have chosen as my guide to live by are Virtue, or having moral excellence which is not engaging in scams that mislead people, but having everything out in the open for investors, employees and senior leaders to inquire. Wisdom, or having a deep understanding stemming from “life’s lessons” which everyone must face such as the proverbial ‘bend in the road’. When everything goes all wrong, yet to continue to fight and overcome all obstacles till reaching goals and objectives. Also part of wisdom is making good decisions based on all options, rather than getting backed into the corner with a either/or decision then having to bail out of a bad decision.

Lastly Achievement, that is to say making results happen and finishing projects until completion. As servant leader I plan to use rewards and recognition for employees who do well in reaching goals at an agreed upon time. To plan objections with deadlines and not just set goals, dreaming of completing ‘someday’.

Identifying the leadership behaviors that will result from my values: In this category I plan to use a servant leadership model combined with a democratic style. I like to encourage creativity and include team members in major decision making. One way I plan to do this is to allow employees to help draft the mission statement and company values. Once we they have formulated a draft it will be submitted to the board and or senior management for approval. On a Organizational Level this will help develop a mission statement that encourages employees to perform excellence in business.
On an Individual basis this will give each individual employee a sense of self-worth knowing their opinions and ideas are valued promoting greater job satisfaction and in return resulting in greater profits. As an Interpersonal Perspective I will have established a bond of trust among employees and management and give employees a sense of working together for the greater good and not just for climbing the ladder of success.

Lastly, On a Societal Perspective; I plan to use more of a servant leadership model as our teams combine work with donating to local educational projects and offer tutoring for employees of diverse background. For instance offering classes to teach acceptance of diversity, offer English as a Second Language