Linguist Career Essay

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David Ray
January 6, 2013
Career Choice

My main career choice is to become an international linguist. I have chosen this field because my strong point is language. This is a hard job because you must be uniquely skilled for it, it is not easy to learn multiple languages. This career is in much demand, because of that there are many scholarships from overseas companies who need an American correspondent. Linguist have to be good with people and also be very smart not to create tension within the language barrier. Most linguists have studied sociology and psychology to understand those they are engaging in translation. (

One of the hardest things involved in linguistics is the constant studying of language and the tireless study of world culture. Many people want to become linguist in college but when they hear that buy your senior year you have to be fluent in two languages they quickly change their mind. Unlike other degrees that require a final exam ei; BAR exam or doctors licensing exam being a linguist have to prove themselves on the field in a foreign country for a semester. Linguistics can also be dangerous line of work in the case of being a contractor for the armed forces in a hostile area. (

The median salary for a translator or linguist scholar is 150,000 a year but usually seasoned translator or translators in hostile environments can be up to 230,000 a year, (untaxed). The demand will become even