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Liquid Gold

In America, people are loading their shopping carts by the ton with an unfamiliar product called palm oil. This versatile product can only be grown in tropical settings such as Malaysia and Indonesia, who produce 20 million tons each year. Today, 150 countries depend on Malaysia for their source of palm oil and the global demand for it is only increasing. For years palm oil production has been a controversial topic, whether it was harming or helping our nation. In my essay I will be exploring why palm oil production is beneficial for our nation. Palm oil has become one of the most valuable resources, a healthy alternative to other oils, and helpful for the environment. For most people who live in Malaysia the oil palm industry is their only source of income. According to the Worldwatch Institute, Malaysia is the leading producer for palm oil production with an estimated half-million people employed (Worldwatch Institute). It is also opening up 3.5 million plantation jobs for the people in Indonesia. These job opportunities keep their countries away from poverty and sustain their homes. On average this industry brings in 16 billion dollars each year for Malaysia alone. Most of the people grow oil palms on their land to sustain their families and use this money to educate their children. This cash crop is very efficient for these underdeveloped countries because it only requires a small amount of land to produce palm oil compared to other oils. For example, palm oil produces six times the amount that olive oil does and requires ten times less of the land soya plants need produce the same amount of oil. This is beneficial for Malaysia because it is cost efficient and does not take up a lot of recourses. This profitable cash crop is how they afford shopping malls, luxurious cars, and skyscrapers in their capital. In 2008, Malaysia brought in 22 million tourists who spent 14 million dollars while they were there (Institute of International Research). They come to see the orangutans, hike through their mountains and beautiful forests. Without their efficient cash crop they would not have been able to keep their diverse wildlife and habitat, which is the reason their country is, attract tourists. Since there is a high demand of palm oil around the world, it makes Malaysia a top priority when it comes to trading. Not only does their land provide homes for thousands, and food for millions, it is also helping the progress of their undeveloped nation. Experts such as the New York City Health Department believe that scientists are giving consumers a head start for a better and healthier lifestyle with palm oil (New York City Health Department). This product is increasingly being used throughout America and New York was one of the first places to experience the positive results. They were on a mission to improve people’s diets by eliminating all trans fats. In order to do this the government was required to label all foods that contained trans fats. Once people realized how much cholesterol were contained in trans fats people started switching to products with palm oil in it because it contained zero trans fats. Not only are trans fats labeled in grocery stores but they are also banned in 29,000 of New York’s food chains. This means that zero trans fats are used in restaurants, fast food chains, and street cart vendors. Trans fats cause danger for human health by increasing cholesterol levels and risk of heart disease, which is one of the main causes of America’s obesity problem. The Food and Drug Administration in the United States approves that good fats and oils contain palm oil and will improve cholesterol ratios in the blood (Food and Drug Administration). 1 in 10 product in your local grocery store contains palm oil such as Kit Kats, Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, and even dove products. Most bakers are switching to palm oil to make their frosting, creams, and baked good because it has zero trans fats. Fast food