Loblaws Case Study Essay

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Wednesday April 18th, 2012
BUS 800, Section 131
Professor: Jim Diodati
Individual Case Assignment
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Joseph Nicosia


Strategic Recommendations 3
A: Industrial Analysis 6 B: PEST Analysis 6 C: Key Driving Forces 7 D: Porter’s Five Forces Analysis 7 E: Strategic Group Map 7 F: Key Strategic Factors 8 G: Competitor Analysis 8 H: Attractiveness of Industry 8 I: Mission and Vision Statement 8 J: Value Chain 9 K: Financial Analysis 9 L: SWOT Analysis 10 M: Issues 10
N: Rationale for Issues 10 O: Execution Strategies 10

Strategic Recommendations
As one thoroughly analyzes the Loblaw’s Companies Ltd. it is identified that Loblaw’s
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With new ideas for global expansion, Loblaw’s must not neglect their strengths in order to pursue new projects. They need to maintain a customer satisfaction within their organization and at every location. They need to compete for their market share and constantly have an edge on large global companies from entering and taking market shares. In order for Loblaw’s to achieve this, they need to discover opportunities at every level of their organization to serve their customers better. The Real Canadian Superstores have been a tremendous success for Loblaw’s and they must keep this pace to out perform their competition. Loblaw’s cannot let their competition achieve the same level of competence; Loblaw’s must continually innovate. Loblaw’s has been known to acquire new companies and expand their relations to obtain new customers. Acquisitions are an excellent way of staying on top as the industry leader, and implement their techniques and strategies in new locations. The major reason for Loblaw’s past success is their ability to innovate. They should never stop innovating to seize new market shares and customers. Lastly, the strategy for Loblaw’s information technology sector is to continue innovating and being industry leader in this area. Loblaw’s has done a good job of innovating their IT, creating turnovers in five years rather then seven, as the industry standard prefers. This allows Loblaw’s to stay on top and never laggard towards the herd of