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Introduction- Loblaw is currently facing include the recent Bangladesh building collapse, development of new logistical assets, longevity of Joe Fresh brand and Target’s movement into the Canadian market. As the role of CEO that I believe is absolutely essential to outline a comprehensive business strategy that combines all functional areas and departments.

The integration of the activities of every division of Loblaw to achieve a comprehensive business strategy and comprehensive business goal, this report will focus on what strategy that all functional areas and departments will implement and how it will impact the current and future outcome.

VP Marketing and Sales- VP Marketing and Sales believe the current initiative is staying in Bangladesh to keep the good image in the eyes of the consumer and public. As the role of CEO I believe this may see the best strategy we can implement for Loblaw’s current situation, because the company is facing dilemmas that if we drop Joe Fresh in Bangladesh we may also harm the image of Loblaw and other lines’ image and reputation. Target as the new entrant to Canada may take advantage when we struggle Joe Fresh’s issue. So, we can still hold Joe Fresh in Bangladesh and slowly Marketing and Sales can help and regain good public relation from media and customers. By implementing this strategy we are looking forward to increase sales and brand awareness in the future. Have the expansion opportunity to foreign market as well.

Chief Financial Officer and VP of Risk Management- We have decided to keep Joe Fresh in Bangladesh, so CFO and VP of Risk Management current initiative is calculating costs of “upgrading” Bangladesh in terms of workplace safety, new building sustainability, and labor compensating. The Risk Management must calculate and hold enough budgets to cover if bad disaster would happen again. As the role of CEO I also believe is essential to hold enough budgets for company’s future needs, and also we need cash to fight and outcompete Target in the future.

Production and Operation- The building collapse has hurt the Joe Fresh’s image. The vice president of operation believes the current initiative is working on a Workplace Safety Strategy for Bangladesh. This may see as a huge cost for the company. However, as the CEO I believe and see safety increase productivity, enhanced morale and loyalty for both Joe Fresh and Bangladesh workers. The safety culture in Bangladesh will continuously improve and evolve to show the world that both Loblaw and Joe Fresh is taking corporate social responsibility to take care of the workers as well as the environment. By implementing this strategy will help the company to regain the good image and reputation…