Lord Of The Flies

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The boys from “Lord Of the Flies” were stuck on an island and had to help themselves and each other, as there was no adult with them to lay down rules. By being by themselves someone had to set rules but these rules helped at the start when they were co-operating as it progresses the boys become wild and do whatever they want.
At the start Piggy found the conch and this helped them to keep their assembly’s, also whoever had hold of the conch had the power to talk. These boys had lots of discipline and had a military style as they were all cadets and always referred to sir, Though this respect didn’t take place throughout the entire film. Ralph suggested they should have a signal such as a fire, to make the fire they used Piggy’s glasses and these glasses were an important object. The boys took turns in fire watch it was important to keep the fire going.
The boys suggested they needed a leader and had a vote between Jack who was the oldest but they decided to have Ralph as the leader since he was the Kernel, Ralph valued Authority and He wanted structure, he tried hard to maintain the boys to make sure they kept their discipline, Ralph wanted to be rescued and didn’t see no time for fun Unlike Jack all he wanted to do was have fun, He killed to made sure there was food to eat as he was violent and aggressive even towards the boys and he ended up making the boys choose sides between him and Ralph Most of the older boys went to Jacks tribe and the younger boys stay with Ralph and Piggy. Jack wanted Fun and no rules, He also wanted everything his way and he was mean because he wanted the power and in his tribe none of them were able to voice their opinion because it was all Jacks way and he was the one in charge.
As the film progressed there was no justice as there was no consequences and not much discipline though in Jacks tribe when someone disobeyed him they were punished like when one of the boys were whipped. Though most of them never seen the point in rules and thought they could do whatever they like because there were no adults to give order and they ended up being crazy and turning against one another. Jack had changed the boys in his tribe to become just like he was, violent. This lead to the boys committing murders such as when they killed the pig and invited Ralph’s tribe to join them which also led to the younger boys leaving Ralphs tribe to join Jacks after seeing them do well with finding food and how much fun they had but after they had the feast they all played a game and seen Simon in the distance who Jack called out it was the monster and ended up murdering him.
The boys needed rules to prevent