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All good things must come to an end
It is human nature to hate anything that is different from yourself or what you believe.
We see many examples of this hatred in history, for example, both race and religion are differences between people that have started many wars and revolutions. These differences are still causing problems today. William Golding wrote
The Lord of The Flies soon after he fought in World War II, this war was partially caused by hatred of people different from the Nazis.
Golding was greatly influenced by WW2 so he not only included savagery, but he also included hatred because of differences. Because Golding characterizes simon as wise, independent, and prophetic, ( and the other boys as the opposite) simon has to die.
Goding characterizes simon as wise. For example, when the subject of the beast first comes up and the boys are discussing whether it is real, Simon speaks up and says “Maybe there is a beast… Maybe its only us” This shows that Simon has a deep understanding of the boys, and that Simon is somewhat enlightened. When the other boys are confronted with this revelation, they respond simply with “Nuts!” This shows the contrast between simon and the other boys.
While simon is characterized as intelligent, The other boys are characterized as unaware and foolish. Even Piggy (one of the most responsible boys) quickly changes the subject after simons epiphony. This separates simon from the other boys, and is why he must die. Because in a society of foolishness, wisdom cannot survive. Another example of simons wisdom is when the

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boys decide to run up the mountain to hunt the beast. Piggy argues that this would be foolish, and simon responds with the simple question, “What else is there to do?” this shows that simon has a deep understanding of the boys and realizes that the boys are control of what happens on the island, and the best thing for him to do would be to support them.
Simon is characterized as independent. When the boys decide that someone has to travel through the forest by themselves, simon is the only one to volunteer, he says “ I’ll go if you like.
I don’t mind, Honestly” this shows that simon is the only boy who isn’t afraid of the island and it shows that simon is independent enough to feel safe with only himself on a deserted island. simon is so independent that at the beginning of the book he finds a clearing in the middle of the forest where he goes just to be with himself. He also goes into the forest alone to look for the beast later in the book. It is this