Lord Of The Flies Innocence Quotes

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Thwack, thump, the last spears thud into the ground behind you as you desperately dart away from the unknown assailant and push deeper into the darkness ahead. You remember it was once called a forest but since transformed into a haven for savages. Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, is a book about a group of British boys who crash landed on a tropical island that is inhabited by pigs. Ralph is being hunted by the other boys on the island with the intent to kill him. Their innocence has faded since the plane crash and they hold no remorse for their actions. In Lord of the Flies the boys’ innocence fades as a result of savagery.
The fade of innocence in the boys takes place right after they meet. In the beginning the boys are alone on an island with no one in charge. They realize this and have to grow up and take on responsibility. “Seems to me we ought to have a chief to decide things.” (22). Time catches up with the boys at their first assembly, where they have to decide on a leader and make rules as if they were grown men on a political committee. With the loss of innocence speeding up in Lord of the Flies, the boys are growing restless.
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As Jack overcomes his conscience he is warped into a bloodthirsty savage craving for the kill just beyond his grasp. In order to kill a pig he needs all the hunters he can get. “‘Look we’ve killed a pig-we stole up on them-we got in a circle’...” “...’I Cut the pig's throat,’ said Jack proudly” (69). This return to a primal state caused a struggle for violence and craving for blood twists the boy's innocence into thoughtless killing and endless “fun”. Jack’s transition from a civilized choirboy to a primal beast represents the boy’s lack of