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Lord of the Flies
Chapter 1 Likes: The first chapter of The Lord of the flies is full of great descriptive detail. The author describes the lagoon the boys go in to a tee. I also like how the boys set up a small government with Ralph being the leader. I enjoyed how the boys split up into groups so they could scout and hunt. The quire is put up to the task of hunting and Ralph , Jack and Simon are scouting the island.
Dislikes: I disliked the cockiness of Jack and the quire they seem to think that they are the most important group of people there is on the island. They are dressed better than the rest as they wear capes and Jack there leader seems very aggressive and angry that he was not voted leader. I also don't like how cruel the boys are to Piggy as he told Ralph not to tell anyone his nock name and he did.
Summary: This Chapter starts out by introducing Ralph and Piggy. They then go to a lagoon were they find a shell, and call a meeting by blowing into it. Ralph is voted leader of the group and Jack who is head of the quire is then put up to the task of hunting.
Irony: Ralph makes fun of piggy then is sad for what he did
Symbolism: The conch symbolises unity and coming to gather.
Chapter 2
Likes: I like that Ralph is making sure the hunters do their job by making a little bit of a joke towards Jack to motivate him to make sure he catches the pig and kills it next time he sees one. I also like that the boys have taken initiative and started to work on this that can get them recued they billed a large fire on the top of the mountain. Jack then volunteers that his group of hunters be put in charge of keeping the fire going. dislike: I dislike how the author does not make the boys scared of being alone on a island. As most children would be very scared. I also Dislike the ease it seems the boys live as it would be very hard and challenging to do what they are doing. I dislike the lack of care many of the boys show for the huge fire that is blazing in the woods until the realised someone could have gotten hurt.
Summary: The boys come back from there scouting mission Jack calls a meeting with the blow of the conch he says they need to build a fire on the top of the hill to get rescued. one boy complains about a monster he saw in a dream. After they start the fire the boys end up lighting the forest on fire. The then realise they could of hurt someone.
Irony: When Jack says " "All the same you need an army--for hunting. Hunting pigs--" This is verbal irony because armies are used to kill people not animals. Symbolism: The Beast symbolises the innocence of the children and the unknown evil there is every where . Chapter 3
Likes: I like how persistent Jack is that he is going to kill a pig or die trying. I like how the older boys are starting to take a parent roll to the littleuns as they have started to make huts for them to live in. I enjoy how Ralph really cares about the littleuns and is concerned how they are going to sleep after the news of the beast has spread around the camp. I relate to Simon as he and i both use the forest as a getaway and a place to relax . dislike: I dislike how Ralph keeps pestering jack that they need meat even though Jack Is working Very hard . I don't like how the older boys have started calling the younger ones littleuns . I find this turn insulting it makes the younger boys seem useless and like babies. I dislike how I can feel something bad is going to happen inside their groups dynamic.
Summary; In this chapter after the older boys have gone scouting to see if they could find anyone they decide to have a meeting and discuss rescue the choose to build a fire on top of the mountain. After they had done that they Lit the forest on fire Witch could have injured or killed one of the boys who was playing down were it was started.
Symbolism; The Spears symbolise protection from the unknown.
Chapter 4 : likes: I like how the author talks about a daily routine