Essay about Love and Marriage

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Austin Xia When people are getting married, there are many things the couple needs to prepare. Not only the physical stuff they need, like a house or a car, but also mental needs. In the video So You’re getting Married, they actually taught me those mental preparation we need for a successful marriage. First of all the video listed the 5 poor reasons why people getting marry, they are Pregnancy, Rebound, Rebellion, Guilt, and Pity. Sometimes people are forced to get married, it is not our willing to get marry. The more we receive the more motive we have to give. Exactly, love is double-side glue; the couple always needs to put themselves in each other’s situation. Secondly, the video stated that the first year is the most important year through the entire marriage, because the couple needs to take time to build relationship between each other. There will be lots of misunderstanding between the couple when they first get married, but after one year’s practice or getting to know each other, they will love each other more. It also claimed that marriage is a gift from God, and your spouse is a gift from God to you. There are a tons of people in this world, it is so hard for two particular people to meet together even get marry. Also the video told us that don’t make your spouse like yourself. Do not put any pressure or personal emotion on your spouse, this will make them mad or even hate you. Marriage is an opportunity to learn how to love “unconditional”, love is priceless, and unselfishness.
Thirdly, the video also told us the different stages of love. Stage one is physical attraction, stage two is romantic attraction, final stage, stage three talk about intellect in charge. Marriage is two people come together to meet a common goal, the best mode of marriage is from friendship straight to marriage. Friendship love is the sweetest thing in this world.
In the final episode of the video, different types of love are discussed. There are phileo love, agape love, eros love, which means “sexual love”. Commitment glue love together, God guides us how to love and we will grow stronger and stronger through the marriage. Marriage is holy and amazing, we should all take it as God’s gift to us, and appriciate it.

So You're Getting Married. Prod. Norman Wright. Perf. H. Norman Wright. Grace Products Corporation, 2003. DVD. "Reasons why you marry, Part II Or Look Before You Leap" Austin Xia
Sex and death, two things people dont want talk about in America today. In our mind, sex always connect with the six conmedment, which is a forbidden word to us. However, in the marriage, sex actually plays a big role, a role that could even affect the most. There are a lots of differences between man and woman, it appears on their personility, action even sex behavior.
Man have a very difficult time connect with woman. Through the reserch, woman said that no sex relationship in marriage is fine. However,