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"To love is to receive a glimpse of heaven."-Karen Sunde. Love is one of the most difficult concepts and ideas to understand and accept. When one opens up to the conceptt of love is when they allow themselves to open their hearts and their mind, when they allow themselves to become vulnerable. Why would the body allow this “change” to happen, this vulnerability to be established? Because we need love. Love although difficult to define holds one imperative ideal and that is, happiness.
When one is in a romantic love they don’t necessarily have to obsess and continuously think about an individual but instead, whenever they do think about the person their mood brightens, the sole thought of them brings them happiness. It also brings desire, the desire for that special someone to be by their side at that exact moment, the desire to see their smile, the desire for the chance to tell them how much you love them and the desire to hear it said back. When one is in love they look past the other’s flaws, many times twisting them in their head into reasons in which they make the person better, perfect, when one is in love they always put their love as their top priority, willing to catch a grenade for them. Love isn’t only established in a category of a special someone. Love is apparent in every connection one holds dear. Love can be connected to hobbies, sports and, nearly every action one enjoys doing, but why? This is mainly because they bring happiness.
Family is usually most the unconditional type of love. They love you no matter what and this love has nourished me, shaped me, and sculptured me for the better. This type of love is always there and yet not accounted for. Once this love is no longer there is when it really strikes. It’s the type of love you…