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Many married couples seem to get stuck in a situation of helplessness and fear for years especially when they feel the person they love is no longer reachable. Each person in the relationship can have their own posture, set of gestures, and even hairstyles, as well as a distinct way of dressing and talking when their personality begins to change. Most of the time the changes is sudden and takes only seconds. When the bad behavior shows signs of becoming a pattern, typically most of us would begin to worry about a possible affair. Instead of letting the problem trouble your relationship, it is important to let your spouse know how you feel about their behavior and how it is beginning to become an impact on your lives as well as your relationship.
Self-blame and attempts to control or punish your spouse will not help the situation but will only make it worse. You will then bring it to a point where you and maybe even your partner will begin to pull away from each other and could start an affair. All of this could be from childhood and other adolescent alters that wasn’t handled earlier in life. Switching could be a trigger of something that has happened in the person’s environment. That type of act of emotions could be a sign of an abused childhood or child that could be still holding anger, rage, and terror. The personality difference of each partners tend to fight each other for attention. A twelve-step group is a wonderful way to strengthen yourself and learn healthy ways to address the problems you are facing with your partner.
The easiest and most common relationship seems to be when the couple shares some personality space. However, when opposites do attract the couple has a unique opportunity to create a well-rounded lifestyle and relationship that other couples struggle to find. It’s not as common as it seems, these marriages or lifestyles often require more attention than others because of the lack of balance. For the sake of the relationship, one person should step out of their natural trait (personality) and learn to take on a new trait to compensate balance. Be careful not to become competitive with each other.
Focus more on supporting and respecting each other ideas when trying to fix your problem in the relationship. However, I am thinking why there are many couples can stay together with the same personality. Two individuals that have similar personalities seem to communicate on the same level. Most people that communicate with people who share their same information are usually more understanding and can seem to have a long lasting relationship and the happiest. It doesn't mean that people with different preference cannot have a successful relationship but mostly, people frequently settle down with the person that is mostly compatible to them.
Romantic relationships that teenagers are involved in inevitably end. Sometimes it could be by force of circumstances or because of the very nature of young romantic love. Desiring a romantic partner is a natural, expected part of adolescence. How can two young people pursue their feelings for each other when neither is financially prepared to aspire for the living arrangements that their older counterparts are more capable of doing. High school graduate’s eventually leave for their chosen university, which can be out of state or town to prepare for future careers. The course of love changes over time and these changes may become evident by middle adulthood. However, a serious or exclusive romantic relationship in the pre-teen/ early teen years can create problems in your future relationships. Relationships dissolve for as many reasons as the couple cannot handle an extended crisis.
Middle age adults do not exhibit immunity to problems in relationships. Couples who stay together until after the last child leaves home will probably remain married for at least another 20 years. People who never learned how to communicate their spouse are most likely to become